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FluidFlow3 performs both steady-state and dynamic simulations of piping systems transporting liquids, gases, two-phase fluids, settling and non-settling slurries.


FluidFlow3 Support, Upgrade and Maintenance (SUM) subscription offers a range of services to help you realise the full value of your FluidFlow3 investment.


We help customers to deliver quality designs, often under time or resource pressure. Contact us today to model your new or existing piping systems.


See What's New in FluidFlow3, or view our Getting Started series. (We also have an archive of Webinars and How To Examples.)


We offer tailored FluidFlow3 courses. Customers have benefited from reduced design times, higher quality and the ability to competently design complex systems.


FluidFlow v3.33 includes buried pipe heat loss calculations and continuous improvements to help you develop your designs faster. Use the equipment sizing features for pumps, pipes, controllers, orifice plates, and relief devices to eliminate the guess work from your designs. Read more...

Our Customers

What Our Customers Say

  • "FluidFlow3 paid for itself the first time we used it. Pro-Tech Engenharia Quimica is a consultant engineering company specialising in the petro-chemical sector. We had a very challenging job designing a large vapour collection system. We researched the market very thoroughly before selecting FluidFlow3 for its completeness and ease of use. With this software we were able to reduce the time of the job and do in two weeks what would have taken us well over 4 weeks. On this first job the software paid for itself and because of that work we now have other similar job opportunities."

    — Carlos Eduardo Pantoja, Chemical Process Engineer, Pro-Tech Engenharia Quimica, Sao Paulo, Brazil

    "British Sugar has a corporate license for FluidFlow3. It is used throughout our business, mainly for liquids and occasionally for gas. Before selecting FluidFlow3, we researched the market thoroughly. We like the way that for very complex software it is relatively simple to use and users require minimal training. It is functionally intuitive and we like features such as the graphics, pseudo-isometric projection and drag and drop. It is ideal for both design and "what-if analysis". It has paid for itself many times over, year after year. Also Flite Software is very responsive and knowledgeable whether it's a technical query about fluid dynamics or about the software."

    — British Sugar, UK
  • "EAPC is a consulting engineering firm working primarily on heavy industrial plant engineering assignments involving liquid, gas and steam across many industrial sectors. With FluidFlow3 we have the capability to solve certain technical problems that otherwise we would not be able to tackle. It's very easy to construct network systems, the modeling is very good, the product is powerful and logical, it is very easy to use and it provides excellent results. We have been a customer from 1995 and when we've needed some advice Flite Software has been extremely helpful and quick to respond."

    — Paul Prout, P.E. Partner/Vice President, EAPC, North Dakota, USA

    "We were looking for a product for gas and liquid and have found FluidFlow3 easy to use and it's relatively simple to set up and design even quite complex system models. It's easy to change the model around and being able to simulate and try out various operational conditions is very powerful. I'm self-taught in the product and haven't needed training or support."

    — Hazel Steel, Process Engineer, RWEnpower, UK
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